Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over our addiction – that our lives had become unmanageable
December 4, 2016
All our fears are in the future; now is forever.
December 16, 2016

What are you gonna do…when they come for you?


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By Reggie Smith

When I was young, my mother used to warn me against following the crowd.  I used to talk about how my friends were doing this and that, and how I wanted to be a part of.  First she told me that there was no way they were all my friends.  Then she reminded me that none of them would take the ass whipping I would get for doing wrong.  I certainly suffered my share of consequences for choosing wrong, but I did not believe that anyone else influenced me to do it.  As usual, mama was right, and you know what I’m talking about…don’t you?

I started smoking cigarettes because it seemed cool.  Everybody was doing it, so nothing seemed strange about my choice.  I thought it was my free will.  I now acknowledge that my environment influenced my choice.  I have been writing and sharing about the need for a change in the Status Quo (SQ) for most of my life.  It seems like even in the face of its own demise, the masses and the major media choose to ignore the truth or simply commentate the destruction of our democracy.  By being “politically correct” they have been bullied into a state of fear.  Our focus as we #RISE4WAR is always on healing solutions.  I think most people want both truth AND reconciliation. So if someone asked you if you thought American politics and this debacle of an election were fair, what would you say?

I say the SQ did a few things that were cheating. They suppressed the vote with onerous legislation and dirty tricks, and encouraged the Russian hacking. The  dissemination of  lies, campaign emails, and unheard of FBI intervention were obvious disruptions to the democratic process that could have been dealt with later if they had not changed the outcome of the election.  Plus #DespicableDon used repetition and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to hypnotize an easily manipulated, suffering and misinformed population.   The Republican Congress, Tea Party, Fox News, Breitbart, Koch Brothers, etc. have obstructed national progress for the past 8 years.  The greedy, selfish and wealthy SQ kidnapped and held hostage the democratic process and institutions to the point that people have surrendered to their demands. They see that Republicans are crazy enough to burn the country down if they don’t get their way and have control. They destroy everything they get their hands on with no regard for the welfare of the people they purportedly serve. 

Bush and Cheney raped and pillaged the world; Nixon and Reagan were dastardly and disgraceful too. Daddy Bush was the head of the CIA!!  Now we are playing around and letting a pathological megalomaniac, a handful of military generals and a bunch of no conscious oligarchs direct our collective future??  

What is the healing political solution you ask?  It is something that is doable, but we would have to demand it and not follow the crowd of self interested, beleaguered citizens who are afraid to fight for the truth.  The Electoral College should withhold ratification, and this lying con man should DEFINITELY not be inaugurated until he totally divests all business holdings and releases his tax returns.  The Constitution of “the American People” that these dishonest and presumptive politicians say they love and represent demands that we stand and fight through resistance. 

If the Congress can shut down the government to get its way, and the Senate can be willfully neglect and not sit a Supreme Court Justice just because they say so, we can keep this prick from taking office. #DespicableDon and the media are acting like he is already in office, but he ain’t. We can keep the guy we have, and that MOST people like, until #DespicableDon does what the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS want and be TRANSPARENT!!  Otherwise, we can have another election lasting 30 days with no campaigning or fundraising.

As always I remind you that it is time to #RISE4WAR!

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“In a democracy, we can not ignore the will of the majority of the people and THE TRUTH!!  If we surrender the truth and progress for the sake of expediency and peace, we will have neither.”    Dr. L.A. Virgil, Jr. 


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