January 2, 2017
Don’t go into the lion’s den; while wearing a pork chop suit.
January 5, 2017

Free your mind; and your ass will follow.

By Reggie Smith

I played the character “Scrooge” in the P.S.45 Queens Christmas play when I was in the 5th grade in 1965.  It was a tour’ de force performance that made an indelible impression on me.  I always had questions about the illogical holiday stories we were told, but I wanted gifts too, so I played along as much as possible.  Beyond all the hoopla, it has always been a good time for great food and celebration.  When my dad was killed three days before Christmas in 1978, it created a memory that would test my emotional management for Christmas’ to come.  Time has healed that wound for me, but I know many people are challenged by their emotions during the holidays, right?

The holidays can be an emotional time for many people for many different reasons.  Holidays are a time to be with family and share love with each other.  It is also a time to remember those who are no longer with us.  Those memories can often cause a range of emotions.  Whatever feelings you may be experiencing as a result of your memories, these are the times when we can practice using affirmations as a way to manage our moods and behaviors.

We know that everything begins with a thought.  We cannot control what we think, but we can practice directing out thoughts in a way that serves us.  Our mind controls the way our cells operate in our bodies.  Our parasympathetic functions, like blood pressure, blinking, etc., are controlled by our endocrine system.  Our endocrine system mirrors our chakra (energy) system.  We can, with practice, train our energy bodies by using positive affirmations.   In these times we need to do our best to create an atmosphere that is conducive to our wellness.

There is much to be joyful about no matter what our situation may be at the moment.  We pray that we will all choose to use this season as a reason to share more love.  We look forward to a fresh start in the coming new year.  Here at RISE4WAR, we will be rolling out our new web portal (, inviting more people to like our RISE4WAR Facebook Page, and we are putting the finishing touches on our “community interactive video sharing zone” which provides a face to face platform where members from around the world can collaborate to accomplish the mutual goals of wellness, awareness, and recovery!!!  In these times it is more important than ever for us to participate in our own survival. 

We wish all of our RISE WARRIORS a rejuvenating holidays season!  Have fun and get ready because we know for sure that 2017 is TIME to #RISE4WAR!

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