Free your mind; and your ass will follow.
January 2, 2017
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January 5, 2017

Don’t go into the lion’s den; while wearing a pork chop suit.

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RISE Jan.5th, 2017   By Reggie Smith

Believe it or not, I was the type of kid who was given to great big tantrums. I was known to tell a teacher “you ain’t my father”! I wanted what I wanted, when I wanted it. It wasn’t that I was rude or disrespectful to everyone. I always picked my shots. School authorities suggested medication, but my mother knew better. She and I both knew I wasn’t “crazy”. Besides, my mother had another prescription for what was ailing me.  I know you know what I mean, right?

At any given time there are at least two voices in our heads. Our mental conversations can be challenging, to say the least.  I’d say that we are all bipolar to some extent.  Our task is to find some level of equanimity.  It is good to have people you trust in your life so you can share your honest thoughts and feelings. When we share our inner thoughts with others, we find we are not unique in our thoughts, and we often can get useful feedback if we are seeking it. The times when our minds tells us not to pick up the phone/facetime, not respond on Facebook, or not make that meeting because you want to be alone; are the times our minds are trying to isolate us so it can talk us into doing something that may not be in our best interest. Try to find a good balance. 

Society still struggles with the stigma around mental illness of any kind.  Many of us are taking some kind of prescription drug to help chemically balance our minds and many more are self-medicating. Opioid use is high again because we have increased drug availability. It’s no coincidence that it’s happening at this time of chaos, but we can see it so we should do something to change our response to this crisis.  Our minds and bodies need nutrients, minerals, and proper stimuli in order to be efficient.  Exercise, meditation, and unplugging from our digital world can help to mitigate the constant barrage of thoughts we can’t seem to completely stop. 

The point of meditation is to still the mind so we can more clearly hear the celestial music that is always reverberating within.  Our “conscious”, or the voice of God is, and has always been the main voice within.  The other voices are there to motivate, inspire, distract, or even destroy us.  Somehow our conscious has to orchestrate those voices into some kind of harmony.  Maybe that is why we pray.

We are ALL going through the same kind of thinking. Let’s try being more comfortable with sharing our thoughts honestly with others. We should be less concerned with being judged.  Self-awareness can help us want to be better. Having spiritual principles to live by can help us mediate the voices long enough to actually DO the right thing most of the time. It can be dark in our minds sometimes, so it’s best for us to not get trapped off in there by ourselves. You are not alone and together we can RISE4WAR



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