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January 19, 2017
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Harold Barnes


 A retired attorney, college professor and facilitative leadership specialist.  He is the President/CEO of the Center for Quantum Leadership and the Chairman of the Board of the SCL Foundation. Dr. Barnes is devoted to teaching the principles and values of quantum responsibility to a worldwide audience here in RISE4WAR.

Quantum Responsibility

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Definition of Quantum: “a sudden leap forward or large quantity”

Quantum Responsibility: The active process of holding one’s self accountable and allowing others to hold you accountable for the direction and success of your life journey.

This accountability will lead to exponential positive growth in innovation, creativity and productivity among individuals, families, groups, cities, regions, states and nations such that all who embrace this way of life will have the tools to make a significant leap forward in your participation in the current and aspirational economies in one generation.
Ethics: Rules of behavior that undergird all that humanity does with the responsibility of maximizing one’s own capabilities without minimizing or undermining the capabilities of others.
Why do we need quantum responsibility?

Man needs to be quantumly responsible because to be so will assist him with his ultimate evolution into a more caring and responsible species, community, society and world. We must continue to evolve as a species or we will cease to be, like the hominids and other human like species before us.
To pursue quantum responsibility is to acquire new knowledge, powers and qualities that man does not now possess but ascribes to himself, that is, he thinks he has them and can use and control them. However, the reality is man does not have the requisite knowledge of himself necessary to adequately predict and control his behavior.

As humans we must apply substantial effort in studying, predicting and controlling ourselves for the positive benefit of all mankind.

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