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May 10, 2018
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Mind over matter; attraction over promotion.

By Reggie Smith



I have never been one to spend much time looking in the mirror.  The visual image of myself has not been as important as what I think, and how I interact with others.  As an athlete I learned how to keep my body in relatively good shape.  As a sexual being, I always wanted to attract and engage other sexual beings.  We are often attracted to people based on their looks, yet it is our minds, emotions and energies that determine the quality and longevity of our relationships, right?  We should try to see beyond beauty and recognize the light inside others, the entire universe, and ourselves shouldn’t we?

The media often perpetuates images over content of character.  Beauty is stimulating because it inspires thought patterns that lead to actions.  Rarely discussed, acknowledged or explored are the energetic principles of sound and light that interact with each other on levels not seen by the naked eye.  We are often attracted to peopleplaces and things based on energy.  For example, an aura is a colored light that emanates from people, which can be read and interpreted to mean various things.  The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body (Human Energy Field-HEF) and every organism and object in the Universe.  When we are attracted to people, places, and things, it is often due to energetic forces unseen.

The aura consists of seven levels/layers/auric bodies. Each one of the subtle bodies that exist around the physical body has its own unique frequency. Those frequencies are manifest in different forms of sound and light.  Sound and light are audible and visible to most humans in a certain range.  We do have machines that use or measure ultrasound, x-rays, or ultraviolet levels of sound and light.  They are interrelated, and affect one another and the person’s feelings, emotions, thinking, behavior, and health as well. Therefore a state of imbalance in one of the bodies leads to a state of imbalance in the others.  Maybe that is how prayer, especially collective prayer works?  I bet meditation affects our energies too.

Most people have not mastered the ability to see our auric fields of light, but it would be a great skill to have if one wanted to read the energetic truths of others, wouldn’t it?  With all of the manmade energies being emitted from microwavescellphones, wi-fi, x-rays, sonograms, etc., there is no wonder that we humans are having challenges maintaining mental, emotional, and physical balance.  Being aware that we are “energetic (spiritual) beings having a human experience” is a step towards mitigating some of the negative effects of different kinds of energies.  Then we can make conscious choices about our exposure to toxic frequencies in the form of people, things, and ideas.  Too much time around electronic devices may be part of the reason for the increase in cancer in my opinion.  Too much exposure to toxic people can be avoided or offset with the healing frequencies of hope and love too.

RISE4WAR is one aspect of our love for you, and every time you open, read and share it, our love multiplies and intensifies.  Thank you, because love knows after all, you are more than a follower; you are a WARrior!  It is time to RISE4WAR!!   

(Resurrect Inspirational Spiritual Experiences for Wellness Awareness Recovery)

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