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June 21, 2018
July 5, 2018

Tell me some lies; so I can forget the truth I am seeing.

By Reggie Smith 

Tell me some lies; so I can forget the truth I am seeing.  Besides the stress I felt when I found out I would be expected to attend at least 12 years of school in a system that hated me because of the color of my skin, the most impressionable memory of my first years of public education was the day President John F. Kennedy was killed.  As young as I was in 1962, you would not think that politics and social injustice would have had such an effect on my psyche, but it did.  My mind had already been challenged with the social inequalities of America and the world.  In the context of the Jim Crow era, JFK was the first “black” president.  His assassination, and consequently the murders of his brother Bobby, MLK, and Malcolm X were devastating setbacks to progress in the way race affected life for us people of color.  Is America ever going to “do the right thing”?

America is not the only country practicing racist behavior in order to maintain or attain power or prestige.  Many governments and leaders promote fear and divisiveness all over the world in order to use race and misfortune to control land and wealth.  Even the rich make it seem like there is not enough “stuff” to share with the downtrodden.  The American government seems to have reverted to being mean and greedy to the point of destruction.  There seems to be a desperate attempt to do anything but share what they have gained by hook or crook.  Cruelty seems to be a manifestation of their fear of retribution.  Fortunately, love and hope are still in abundance in the hearts of the majority of souls in America and on the planet.  The idea that hate will outweigh love is a lie.  The truth is that love conquers all, right?

The mind is a wonderful tool, but the mind is a terrible master.  It seems that evil uses ignorance, dogmatism, and narrow-mindedness to influence the minds of many.  In fact, all human beings are one.  None among us has consciously chosen our own race, creed, or color.  Religions and faiths owe their differences to vanitypride, superstition and egoism.  No matter what race, creed, religion or lack of religion, all humans posses a soul and the power of choice.   The followers of different religions and faiths have been separated by illusion.  No human, race or faith is better than another.  The object of being human is to spread love and find peace (God).  The kingdom of heaven is within.  All men and women are created equal.

It is in our best interest as humans to acknowledge and practice spiritual principles to the best of our ability.  Our minds sometimes will trick us into situations that cause us to chase pleasure at the expense of others.  Our human desires will sometimes cause us to rationalize selfishness and greed.  The experience of unconditionally loving our brothers, sisters, and especially our children is more satisfying than the temporary pleasure the mind may provide.  I pray that the energy of love will overwhelm the temptation of hate.

RISE4WAR is one aspect of our love for you, and every time you open, read and share it, our love multiplies and intensifies.  Thank you, because love knows after all, you are more than a follower; you are a WARrior!  It is time to RISE4WAR!!   

(Resurrect Inspirational Spiritual Experiences for Wellness Awareness Recovery)

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