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August 16, 2018
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Yesterday is History; Tomorrow is still a mystery


​By Reggie Smith

Watching President Obama reflecting on the experience and emotions of our ancestors as they were held captive and forced on to ships at the so called “door of no return” at Goree Island, Senegal, reminded me of how I felt when standing at the very same spot just a few years ago.  My moments at the ports and prisons there at Goree Island, and in Ghana, remain a powerful energetic psychic connection to my heritage and our Creator.  It was also a reminder of the pain and anguish that is still being held in the psychic memory of many “African-American” people as a result of forced slavery, Jim Crow, and the systemic racism that still pervades American society.  If you believe that we are spiritual/energetic beings having a human experience, and that physical illness and disease manifest in the spirit and mindbefore it does the body,  (see report on race-based trauma) then residue from those excruciatingly painful psychic memories could very well be one major reason why Black folks suffer disproportionately from so many mental and physical diseases.

There is a case to be made that reparations should begin immediately with truth and reconciliation because it would improve the overall wellness of the nation.  It would relieve white folks of the spiritual residue of guilt, and help Black people gain self-awareness if we all honestly looked back at how we got here; with a focus on ultimately getting to a place much like that forgiveness exemplified by Nelson Mandela.  I always say that “fear of retribution is as strong as fear of persecution”.  As a result, pathologies have been formed on both sides, and both are very evident in the public reaction to a Black President, and now the backlash that has created a racist president.  I often wonder if reparations for Black people included cash, educational scholarships, and tax exemption based on the depth of research and digital documentation of a more realistic study of our family histories, would there be a measurable amount of healing for us all.  Ultimately, it is the door at the third eye that we all will return through that matters most, but while we are here on the planet, we will need to heal this trauma in order to more peacefully coexist, don’t you think?

It is said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  The fact is, the “baby-boomer” generation, to which I belong, is quickly transitioning into the keeper’s of our family histories.  Already, some of our elders are reluctant to share what they know about family secrets, possibly in fear of the emotions tied to our truths.  In many cases, my generation is too busy to do the research and sit at the feet of our elders.  It is very encouraging to see the size and number of family reunions happening in our families.  The advance of DNA tracing of roots shows the desire we have to know our history and from whence we came.

Ekhart Tolle wrote there is great value in the “Power of Now”.  In recovery from addictions, and as a person living with AIDS for a long time, I know how important it is to learn how to stay in the present and live “one day at a time”.  Equanimitycomes when we can know our past, look forward to the future with intention, and yet be firmly entrenched in the moment.  RISE4WAR is an acronym for Resurrecting Inspirational Spiritual Experiences for spiritual, mental, emotional Wellness, self and community Awareness, and Recovery from addictions.  This is an interactive forum, and NOW is time to get busy.  WE ALL HAVE A PIECE OF THE PUZZLE, and RISE4WAR is here to give YOU a voice.  YOUR experience will inspire the spirit of many.  I know this to be true because of all the love and healing energy you “Warriors” have been sending my way.  If you feel the spirit in these words, reply by written word, voice, or video with your maternal and paternal family names, your blood type, and one wish for our children.  After all, “yesterday is history; tomorrow is still a mystery”.  Let’s keep our focus on what we can do right now to help heal the world and ourselves.  Now is the time to RISE4WAR!!

RISE4WAR is one aspect of our love for you, and every time you open, read and share it, our love multiplies and intensifies.  Thank you, because love knows after all, you are more than a follower; you are a WARrior!  It is time to RISE4WAR!!   

(Resurrect Inspirational Spiritual Experiences for Wellness Awareness Recovery)

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