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December 27, 2018
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January 10, 2019

6 Positive Ways to Overcome a Fear of Death

6 Positive Ways to Overcome a Fear of Death | Sixty and Me Articles_00000

We’ve lived a good life. At this point, we are able to look back on the years and count our blessings. We have created a community of friends, relatives and colleagues that stretch out more than 60 years. We are excited about having our time to grow and enjoy our lives. At least we should be! At the same time, as we get older, we begin to ask questions about your own mortality. It’s normal to feel curious as well as vulnerable or even apprehensive right now. So, here are six positive ways to reduce the fear of death:

Enjoy Your Life!
Realize and Accept that Death is Natural
Read the Available Literature and Self-Help Guides About Death
Adopt Rituals and Spirituality
Live Well
Plan for Your Passing

Editor’s Note: If your thoughts about death are impacting your life, please contact a psychologist. Nothing in this video is intended to be medical advice and only a trained professional can understand your personal situation.


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  1. Dionne says:

    Very interesting article. I will apply some of these principles to my life

  2. Interested Reader says:

    I find that accepting death as natural and planning for your death (to include making arrangements to reduce problems that could occur with your loved ones) are very important to making you feel comfortable about your death.

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