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6 Positive Ways to Overcome a Fear of Death
December 27, 2018
January 24, 2019

Do unto others; To thine own self be true.


​By Reggie Smith

thank God that I was born when I was born. I was too young to get drafted in the Vietnam War, and too old for any wars there after. The only war I have had to fight in was the war on drugs, and I am a veteran of that ongoing battle. To avoid having to kill I would have been a conscientious objector if they had tried to draft me. Unfortunately, there was no dodging the biological warfare waged on my community with cocaine and heroin. Isn’t it strange that even though we would never want to kill or harm anyone else, we were willingly tried to destroy ourselves?

The world would be a better place if more of us live by the Golden rule, wouldn’t it? Instead, many people are more concerned with getting and keeping the gold. It seems that the prevailing attitude is he who has the gold, rules. I often say that fear-based attitudes can be transformed through truthand reconciliation. The most important thing is ”to thine own self be true.”

The world is experiencing a great upheaval.  One could be forgiven for wanting to escape from the reality of this world. There are many ways to navigate life without mind or mood altering drugs. May you find them now.  Prayer and meditation are useful tools in the effort to rise above the battlefield of life.

As we raise our own individual vibrationswe are also raising the vibratory rate of the planet.  We need as many enlightened spirits as possible working together for the greater good right now!  After all, you are more than a follower, you are a warrior!!  😇👁👣 Now is the time to RISE4WAR!!

RISE4WAR is one aspect of our love for you, and every time you open, read and share it, our love multiplies and intensifies.  Thank you!

(Resurrect Inspirational Spiritual Experiences for Wellness Awareness Recovery)

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